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Stages & Seating Systems
We have custom built a number of seating and stage systems for theatre, auditorium and television studios.

Stages may be permanently built into a theatre or auditorium, or may be demountable for transport or storage within a facility. We have a wealth of experience with:
.permanent or portable stages
.seating systems
.custom built staging
.our own scaffold stage system for hire

Permanent or portable stages     top
Built-in stages that are fixed into a theatre or auditorium are relatively straight forward structures. However, they may increase in complexity if they require variable in height. See the stage machinery page for further explanation.

A portable stage may be a demountable stage in modular sections which is built to a specific shape for the purposes of a particular production. It can also be made of modular pieces that join together to make a larger stage, and there are many different designs. Creating an elevated stage has many solutions according to requirements and manufacturers preferences.

Seating systems     top
Our seating systems are built to roll in and out of the television studio or theatre space as programming demands.

Shows that we have built audience seating for include:
.Rove (above)
.Who Wants to be a Millionaire
.Don't forget your toothbrush

Custom built staging     top
We have built staging in a variety of ways depending on our clients needs. The criteria which determines a stage's construction follows:

.the use to which it will be put
.will it be transported and by what means of transport?
.what load must it carry?
.will it be frequently set up and struck?
.who will be setting and striking, experienced crew or school children?
.how versatile must it be, e.g. height, area?
.will it be used inside or outside?
.does it require steps and handrails?
.is the weight of the pieces an issue - steel or aluminium?
.your budget

Scaffold stage system for hire     top
A stage is frequently built out of scaffold, which can be very versatile. We have developed our own system of staging which uses this method to great effect.

It is a modular deck and bearer system that incorporates the versatility of scaffold with ease of setting and compactness when disassembled.

Scaffold stage system for hire

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