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From conceptual design to finished product, we are masters at construction design and engineering, shop drawings, metal and timber fabrication, scenic effects, and scenic art.

Stageweld constructs the steel frames and our sister company, Fusion Sets finishes them with scenic details.

We are familiar with all aspects of sets for:
.arena shows
.proscenium arch theatre
.contemporary music

Besides building the sets for
Hey Hey It's Saturday,
Stageweld gave birth to all
Plukaduck machines,
now, that WAS a challenge in movement!

Television     top
Over time, in fact since our incorporation in 1985, we have built a large quantity of sets for various types of television shows, whether they be variety, game and quiz shows, talent shows, or sports and news.
We are experienced with all styles, and especially enjoy the challenge of shows that require movement in their sets.

Some examples of recent shows commissioned by the nine and ten networks include:

. The Footy Show
. Sale of the Century
. Shafted
. Rove Live
. Pass the Buck
. The Price is Right
. Sunday Football
. The Logie Awards

Arena shows     top
take place at venues where the audience surrounds the performance, unlike a proscenium theatre where the performance is mainly behind the pro arch and the audience is in the auditorium.

The touring crew will appreciate much of the expertise worked into these sets as they set and strike efficiently and pack well on trucks, despite their mechanical intricacy.

Our arena show sets have a strong element of mechanisation, (see stage machinery page).  They include:

. Happy Days
. The Main Event
. John Farnham's Jack of Hearts Tour
. The Tim Rice Show
. The Puccini Spectacular

This elaborate staircase for 'Anni' had a space saving set of get-ons built into the landing for off stage access in tight theatres.

Proscenium arch theatre     top
Opera sets are amongst the most demanding in theatrical productions, and a close relationship with the Victorian State Opera company developed the expertise we now apply to many modern musical productions.

Our repertoire includes fantasy sets, sets replicating the old and the new, sets that are flown, trucked, revolve and stand still. Sets with towering flatage, and mechanical effects (see stage machinery page).

Productions include:
. Jesus Christ Superstar
. Steel City
. The Boy from Oz
. Annie (left)
. The Wizard of Oz
. Beauty and the Beast
. Shout

Contemporary music     top
As performers make entrances in ever more interesting ways, their concerts are often embellished with complicated staging and special sets.

We build stages and sets for the music industry to the demands of touring. Compact storage and ease of setting and striking are prime demands. The stage will often pack down into transport sections that are part of its structure.

We have built sets and stages for:
. John Farnham
. Kylie Minogue
. Jimmy Barnes
. Savage Garden
. Rod Stewart
. Cold Chisel

Film     top
Our film work is usually likely to be in special effects for films, or difficult structures. Complete sets are built by our more traditionally orientated set construction company, Fusion Sets.

. On The Beach

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