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Stage machinery and mechanical effects
Our expertise in designing and constructing complicated and precise stage machinery is well developed for built in equipment or touring sets for theatre and shows. A lot of consideration is given to the machinery components for touring sets, as they must be quick and easy to set and strike.

We have perfected engineering techniques for the following types of machinery:
.general mechanical effects
.winches, motorized trucks and motion producing effects
.automation control systems

Revolves - types and sizes        top
We build many different types and sizes of revolves, from 16 meter diameter touring revolves that are hydraulically driven to small diameter hand driven items. Our experience includes car and product revolves, rotating seating systems, concentric and fixed centre revolves with electric or hydraulic power sources and cable, friction or gear drives.

John Farnham's 1996 Jack of Hearts Tour

Lifts - scissor, counterweight and orchestra       top
Our lifts start with thorough engineering design, we understand that the lift must set and strike quickly and efficiently, above all our lifts must operate safely. We design and manufacture lifts by order, to operate at the speed required by the production, with some built in flexibility for the director's benefit.
The set for Kylie Minogue's 2001 tour of Australia required a lift for a piano or Kylie, or both. We designed and built a hand driven (left) counterweight lift which interfaced with the house staging systems used at the various venues for the rest of the tour.

Happy Days - 14 scissor lifts mounted on a big guitar

General mechanical effects        top
The realisation of a designers creative aspirations can produce some challenging work for us.
We are keen to work with clients to interpret their requirements and achieve their desired result. Examples of one off challenges include a 3 metre clock for the musical production Shout, a show about the life of Australian rock legend Johnny O'Keefe, and a 2 metre high motorised iris, which opened and closed like the shutter of a camera. The iris was required by the set for a Jupiers Casino show who stipulated that the design of the whole mechanism was done in-house, quietly, dependably and on time.

Confectionery promotion - crated Cheetah

The hydraulic motor and oil
piping that was the driving force for the
Beauty and
the Beast Castle Truck

Winches, motorized trucks and motion producing effects        top
Movement, often motorized, is a common requirement in theatrical and related events. This is sometimes achieved by the use of winches or motors to propel stage trucks across the stage. This may require a show deck, or elevated false floor. Mounted in this floor are cables, pulleys and motors.

Rope and especially cable pulley systems are often used for purposes other than driving stage trucks. Of course, the counterweighted flying system of a theatre is traditionally operated by ropes and cables running over pulley blocks fixed in the structure of the theatre building (this is the means by which "flown" scenery is flown in and out of the audience's view).

Following are examples of how cable and pulley systems can be used to lift people or objects up and down, across stage or wherever movement is required.

Latest model car release
Jimmy Barnes' "Two Fires" tour

Automation control systems         top
We offer automation control systems for any of our effects such as lifts, revolves and other motorised systems, whether from our house control system which is available for hire, or in conjunction with some of the automation control firms who have a proven track record in entertainment industry systems.

Pneumatics           top
We like to use pneumatics because they produce smooth operation especially in light loads and are easily controlled. The pop-up lectern (left) was driven by a pneumatic cylinder.

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