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Exhibition Walls
We have been called upon in recent times to design and manufacture temporary exhibition
walls for art galleries and museums, demanding the highest standards of finish.

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.fixed walls

Knockdown Walls     top
Melbourne Museum required modular temporary walls to break up its vast spaces for exhibition purposes, and we were invited to tender on a "knock down" system. We subsequently designed a system that met the Museum's storage and exhibition needs, and were chosen to construct the walls.

Our design allowed considerable flexibility of use, and was quick and easy to erect.

Fixed Walls     top
We similarly became involved in developing exhibition walls for the National Gallery of Victoria for the new Australian Art Gallery at Federation Square, Melbourne.

The Gallery's requirements were different to those of the Museum, in that our brief was to develop a design that suited the space where the walls were to be employed. However, portability and flexibility were still an important feature.

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