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Exhibitions & Promotions
Business theatre, displays and exhibitions are part and parcel of marketing. New products, especially cars can incorporate stages, machinery, sets, or architectural standard displays.

The revealing of new cars can feature lifts, revolves, winches, and sometimes underwater trucks. We have provided sets and staging for seminars and conferences that have been designed to inform the users of services and products.
We have been involved in the release, display and promotion of the following
corporate products:
.motor shows
.merchandising pavilion
.corporate display

Motor shows     top
We have built motor show stands, constructed elaborate reveal mechanisms, and generally presented new cars and motorcycles in some interesting and exciting ways.

Some of the more unusual appear on the page devoted to machinery.

BMW motorcycles display
BMW motorshow stand

Merchandising pavilion    top
Melbourne, Australia was the first Grand Prix of the year in 2000, and the Orange Arrows Formula One team, based in London, requested a merchandising pavilion for the event. The pavilion, 16m square and 8m high contained self leveling hydraulic equipment, a 16m diameter conical canopy, a merchandising area and a car revolve for a racing car.

We were immensely proud of the vastly complicated but stunning pavilion, completed to a fine finish in a period of six weeks.

The completed pavilion, in situ
The racing car revolve inside

Corporate display    top
The Cheetah Box is an example of an unusual corporate display/promotion. A client, who is involved in marketing events commissioned us to build a crate to take to malls which simulated a large animal lurking within, angrily shaking the box and growling. Our mechanical cheetah crate was quite convincing, and created a lot of interest.

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